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Jeff Tomasulo

Jeff Tomasulo has seen success as a trader and investor for the past 18 years, and uses his experience and expertise to teach, tutor, educate, and provide advice to the following on how to work the market, by providing them with the strategies he has seen work for him over the course of his career:

  • Qualified Purchasers
  • Accredited Clients
  • Institutional Clients

He earned a BA in Political Science from the University of Rochester, and later went on to obtain an MS in Finance from the William E. Simon School of Business.

Through seminars, lectures, blogs and newsletters published through his previous employer SMB, and his past involvement on CNBC’s Fast Money sharing advice and counsel on current market trends, Jeff has made his voice heard and shown that he is a powerful authority on the technicalities behind the stock market.

Areas of investing and trading where Jeff has seen success in the US include:

  • Equities
  • Futures
  • Commodities
  • Treasuries
  • Currencies

Well-versed, with experience in multiple areas, Jeff has worked with several notable partners over the course of his professional career, from smaller trading firms to larger partners like SMB Capital. In 1999, Jeff made the decision to use personal capital to open up his own proprietary trading firm, which grew from a handful of partners to 175 traders. Jeff sold the firm to E*TRADE Financial just three years later in 2002.

In 2005 Jeff served as co-founder for another firm, Leenan LLC, not working in trading but in private investments. It’s been through Leenan that Jeff’s experience has gone around the world, with its investments ranging from areas in both the US and South America, as well as Europe and China.

Formerly, Jeff Tomasulo also served as a Managing Partner for Alternative Investments for Belpointe, and acted as a Portfolio Manager for Belpointe AlphaT Partners, LP.

Jeff has also gained experience through times that were particularly difficult for the market that enhance his credibility with regard to both upward and downward trends. Among these incidence have been:

  • The 1998 Asian Financial Crisis
  • The Tech Bubble
  • The 9/11 Terrorist Attacks
  • The 2008 Financial Crisis

While Jeff has been trading and investing for well over a decade, he feels that his experience with managing risk takes precedence over that of trading. The reason Jeff has been able to maintain his credibility in the investing world is because of his attention to detail and use of strict rules to manage his risk. He keeps a close eye on his portfolio, regardless of the market. Jeff continually expresses the importance of the need to pay attention to what’s really going on with the ups and downs of trading.

There is much that Jeff has to offer when it comes to advice and insight on market trends, whether they seem to be going up or heading down. There are risks and questions associated with investing and trading in today’s markets. As a leading authority on trading, Jeff Tomasulo can offer you the vantage point you need to see coming trends in many of the markets today.

Currently, Jeff is co-founder, chief executive officer, and head portfolio manager at Vespula Capital, LLC.

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